T.J. Anderson was composer in residence during Shaw's early years in Atlanta.  He orchestrated the Atlanta performance of Treemonisha, the first performance since Joplin had premiered it with piano accompaniment in NYC.  Bradley Curry was President of the ASO Board of Directors for a time and realized that Shaw needed someone who could help him communicate with the Board.  Brad offered his services as Shaw's "complaint department." Interviewed together by Suzanne Shull, website project manager,  March 1, 2017.

Nola Frink served as Robert Shaw's administrative assistant for 26 years spanning the time that he was Music Director of the ASO until his death in 1999. 

Charles Hamilton sang in the Atlanta Symphony Chorus and Chamber Chorus from the inception of each of the choruses.  Shaw and Hamilton appreciated each other's ribald humor.  

Craig Jessop interview with Howard Dyck. Jessop had a distinguished career as a Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Air Force, where he was director of the Singing Sergeants (1979–1987), commander/conductor, Band of the United States Air Forces in Europe (1987–91) and commander/conductor of the Air Combat Command Heartland of American Band (1991–95).  Jessop was named Associate Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in 1995 and became Music Director in 1999.  He held that position until 2008 when he left to become head of the music department at Utah State University. 

Norman Mackenzie interview with Howard Dyck.  Mr. Mckenzie was brought to Atlanta by Robert Shaw to be his accompanist as well as Organist/Choir Director at Trinity Presbyterian Church.  In addition to being a rehearsal accompanist for the ASO Choruses and various Shaw Festival Choruses, he was principal keyboardist for a time with the ASO.  He became the Director of Choruses for the  Atlanta Symphony Orchestra following the death of Mr. Shaw.

Interview with Sue Williams, choral musician and original member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra choruses, voice teacher, lecturer, writer, lifetime supporter and board member of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  By Suzanne Shull, project manager of robertshaw.website. February 21, 2017.