Robert Shaw's Ministry of Music  After a performance in a shabby industrial town in Tennessee of the Mozart Requiem, which the concert manager had requested the Robert Shaw Chorale not perform because ‘it was too highbrow," a young woman waited for the autograph seekers to depart...

"Mother Theresa, How Can I Help You?" The story of Elvera Voth, Robert Shaw, and the Bethel College Benefit Sing-Along For arts in Prison, Inc. by Mary L. Cohen, University of Iowa, International Journal of Research in Choral Singing, 2008.  Abstract: For the last out of town engagement before his death, 82-year old Robert Shaw traveled at his own expense in November 1998 to the small town of North Newton, Kansas.  There he joined his longtime friend, 75-year old Elvera Voth in a community sing-along to raise funds and awareness for a prison-based choir begun by Voth.

An interview with Michael Palmer, assistant conductor to Shaw for the first ten years of Shaw's work in Atlanta from ArtsATL

"The Legacy of Choral Director Robert Shaw: Beyond Technique to Music in Communities"  Gail Burnaford, Florida Atlantic University(2012), International Journal of Community Music Volume 5, No. 2

ASO Conductor Robert Shaw’s 1996 Olympics ‘Ode To Joy’  Atlanta Symphony Chorus Administrator Jeff Baxter's interview with WABE's Lois Reitzes recalling Robert Shaw's involvement including a translation of the Ode to Joy and conducting a special arrangement of The Star-Spangled Banner

Robert Shaw and the Brahms Requiem (may require membership to Chorus America)